Adult day health is the most comprehensive AND the lowest cost way to care for your loved one–saving you tens of thousands/year compared to equivalent homemaker or home health aide services.

EADS comprehensive suite of services includes (1) licensed nursing, (2) functional and occupational therapies, (3) social therapies and (4) recreational programming yet costs 69% less than home care services.

Click HERE to see the 2012 Genworth Financial cost comparison for Washington state. (Or click here to access the full study.)

Our fees start at just $11/hour or $80 for a nine-hour day (based on the level of care required and the payment plan).

We offer an array of affordable payment options and provide discounts based on household income. We can also help you investigate whether you’re eligible for assistance from programs such as DDD Respite, SCSA, VA, State, King/Kitsap Counties Respite and COPES. Some long-term care insurance policies will also help you pay for day services.

We’re happy to sit down and help you find an affordable option that meets your needs.


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