For Adults with Developmental Disabilities

We offer four programs for adults with developmental disabilities:

  • Connections–comprehensive day health services, including occupational therapy and social and recreational therapies for adults, ages 30+, with moderate to profound physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Young Adult Achievement Center–a classroom-like environment for young adults age 18 to 30. The Achievement Center is focused on life-long learning and skill development. (Click here to see a program brochure or visit its Facebook page.)
  • Compassionate Care–comprehensive day health services and palliative care for adults, ages 18+ with profound to severe physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • The Senior Club–comprehensive day health services for adults, ages 60+, with mild to moderate physical and intellectual disabilities.

Having meaningful daily activity positively and profoundly impacts the quality of life of our program participants and their caregivers. A recent study by Vanderbilt University (“Doing Nothing: Adults with No Daily Activities and Their Siblings“) found that adults with developmental disabilities and their caregivers experienced more illness and depression if the person with disabilities had no meaningful activiteis.


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