Recent Grants

We would have had to close our doors long ago were it not for the support we receive from area organizations and foundations, including:

$10,000 Seattle Foundation Over the years, the Seattle Foundation has helped us serve hundreds of seniors with dementia and adults with other disabilities.  This most recent Seattle Foundation grant is especially welcome because it’s in support of our operations budget–which means we can use it to fill funding gaps wherever they occur.  We’ll stretch that $10,000 a long, long ways.  It’ll help buy nutritious meals, medical supplies, equipment for recreational and occupational therapies, transportation to our centers, paint and office supplies, additional hours of program support and information technology upgrades. Thank you, Seattle Foundation!

$1, 500 grant Bellevue Rotary. Last year, the Bellevue Rotary helped us replace an aging–and expensive–commercial dishwasher. This year, they’re helping us upgrade the technology in our Young Adult Achievement Center. The Rotary’s commitment to helping people with disabilities extends well beyond its support of EADS. It’s also partnering with the City of Bellevue to build “Inspiration Playground”–an amazing barrier-free playground that will be a fantastic addition to the Bellevue Downtown Park.  Interested? Visit the Rotary website or click on the video link below to hear a mom describe the difference it made to her daughter. Want to help? Contact the Bellevue Rotary.

Seattle Foundation            Bellevue Rotary

Accessible Playground

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