Mission and Vision

EADS’ mission is to help adults with disabilities enjoy rich, rewarding lives.

1.  We help them engage with their families, their communities and the world by:

  • Identifying and exploiting interests, skills, and abilities that present opportunities for engagement
  • Maintaining or increasing strength, balance and range of motion
  • Minimizing the physical and emotional impacts of illnesses or injuries
  • Mitigating or extinguishing isolating behaviors
  • Helping them remain in their homes

EADS provides a suite of services is support of this strategy that are designed to leverage each person’s unique physical and psycho-social assets.  These services include:

  • Interdisciplinary care management teams
  • Individualized medical and psycho-social asset assessments
  • Care plans with specific, measurable goals
  • Occupational and functional therapies under OT oversight
  • Skilled nursing services by RNs and LPNs
  • Social and recreational therapies
  • Evidence-based fitness training
  • Nutritional support
  • Family caregiver training and support

2.  We help maximize the resources and services available to them by:

  • Working with community leaders, elected officials, policy makers and the general public so they understand how public policy decisions might impact people with disabilities
  • Raising funds to support services to people with disabilities
  • Providing family caregivers with support services
  • Continuously evaluating our efforts and results to optimize the return on all resources entrusted to us
  • Advocating on behalf of persons with disabilities


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